The Huffington Post on the PMC

Michelle Cote, founder of the Purpose Project, writes about the success of the PMC on the Huffington Post. She writes about the growth of the PMC, Billy Starr’s commitment to fundraising and the recent donation to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.


It has been a long road — quite literally, from $10,200 to $35 million. I have had the pleasure of getting to know it through Billy’s involvement in The Purpose Project, an initiative that I launched late last year to share the wisdom of experienced social leaders with those seeking new ways to make a difference in their communities, and my participation in this year’s ride. The PMC stands apart from other charity “a-thons” because its’ fundraising model is the most efficient in the nation, and because over 250,000 riders, volunteers, sponsors and staff enthusiastically share responsibility for making it happen each year.


Cote also writes about the fundraising requirements that enable the PMC to donate more money to cancer research than any other single athletic fundraiser in the country.


Some have viewed this policy harsh, and some have questioned its congruence with the spirit of a charity event. However, the atmosphere that has actually resulted is one of ingenuity, teamwork, and accomplishment-not burden, pressure, or punishment. Riders meet and frequently surpass their fundraising goals in a variety of extraordinary ways. In addition to the usual repertoire of socials, suppers, and silent auctions, participants-turned-social entrepreneurs sell t-shirts, temporary tattoos and massages to fellow cyclists during the event, host read-a-thons at schools where students collect pledges from the community on their behalf, partner with their gyms to hold “mini PMC spin-a-thons”, and give friends and family a chance to raise a glass to their efforts at PMC-themed happy hours.


Check out the full story here.


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