Registration details for 30th PMC

Want to be involved in the historic 30th annual Pan-Massachusetts Challenge?


Mark your calendars; registration is just over a month away. Don’t let the cold weather distract you from thinking about a hot, steamy weekend in August.


The PMC’s most anticipated route – Sturbridge to Provincetown – will sell out before you can shovel the snow off your car.


Heavy Hitters and PMC alumni will enjoy advance registration. New riders can signup Jan. 20.


There is a cap on the number of riders in the 190-mile twoday ride. But, there are some new options to join one of the other PMC routes, with the new oneday Sunday Family Ride.


In addition to the registration news, the PMC has announced new fundraising requirements. Some routes will see no change in fundraising minimums, and others will see a minimal increase. These fundraising minimums are the key for making the PMC the most successful single athletic fundraiser in the country.


Here are the details:


Registration dates:

Heavy Hitter   January 5

Alumni            January 12

1st Year          January 20


Fundraising requirements:

Route 2009 2008
2-day to Provincetown $4,200 $4,000
2-day to Wellesley $3,400 $3,400
Saturday 1-day to Bourne $3,000 $3,000
Sunday 1-day Wellesley to Wellesley $1,000 $1,300
Sunday 1-day under 18 years of age $500 $1,300
Sunday 1-day volunteer ride Bourne to Wellesley $1,300 $1,300

More info here.


And anyone can support the PMC’s mission by being a Virtual Rider.



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2 responses to “Registration details for 30th PMC

  1. paul mooney

    and the reason that the main ride is the only one to increase is…………???

  2. tose

    5% is a minimal increase?
    Paul, the reason it’s the only one to increase is because it’s the most likely to be able to replace old riders who can’t make the minimum with new ones who can. It’s been made clear this is a fundraiser first and foremost. If we feel we want to be involved but have either worn out our donors or have a hard time finding new ones each time the minimum is raised, and we don’t have the big money connections, we can ride one of the other routes

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