Do you want to PMC?

2,672 riders and counting are already on board for the 2009 Pan-Massachusetts Challenge.

Be part of this historic event and help raise millions for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the search for a cancer cure.

Tuesday, Jan. 20 PMC registration opens to everyone. If you’ve always wanted to bike 190 miles across Massachusetts with thousands of your closest friends — now is the time  to do it.

If 200 miles sounds daunting, try one of the 6 other PMC routes that range from under 50 miles to about 160 miles. Either way, you will be part of the mission, cause and experience that is the PMC.

PMC Veterans can tell you why they ride. Check out this blog from a PMC-er.

Fundraising is the goal of the PMC. Requirements vary based on the route. Learn more here. And check out the PMC Logistics Guide before you register — this has everything you need to know about PMC weekend.

See you August 1 and 2!



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3 responses to “Do you want to PMC?

  1. Thank you for linking to my blog– I’m only a 2nd year rider, but am already signed up and raising funds. Looking forward to another great event!

  2. Troy Dupuis

    Patiently waiting for the open registration to start. This will be my first PMC ride and am looking forward to it very much.

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