PMC book in the works by rider Amy McMahon

 We have a guest submission today from a fellow PMCer. Meet Amy McMahon. She’s writing a PMC book and looking for your help.


To my fellow PMC riders–


I am going into my 5th PMC this year. After finishing treatment at Dana-Farber in 2005, I read about the PMC in the waiting room.  It seemed like a good idea – to ride, to heal, to focus on my health and meet other folks committed to this cause.


Now, each year I look forward to the seasons changing, the spring arriving and getting my bike back out of the shed. I love it when April comes and it’s finally warm enough to start training for the PMC.  The rhythm of this ride is part of my life now.


For the past year I have been collecting stories from fellow PMC riders, doctors and soon – volunteers and pedal partners. I’m hoping to get a book published about the PMC.


To that end, I would like to have a chapter devoted to great PMC fund-raising letters. I know you have some out there! If you would be willing to share your best letters with me, I can promise I’ll read them and try to incorporate as many as possible into this book.


I’d also love any good thank-you letters you’ve received, too.  They are sometimes the most powerful part of the experience, aren’t they?


Please send your letters directly to me: Amy McMahon. My email address is:


Any questions, feel free to send them to me, too.


And, by the way, if this book goes to print, half of any profits made will return to the PMC.







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