PMC for kids

The new PMC Kids Rides website is up and running! It looks great. Do check it out for all the information on the 35 and counting Kids Rides events happening in 2009.


PMC Kids Rides kick-off in May and run all summer long. Here’s the schedule.


PMC Kids Rides became an official PMC program in 2005 as a way to include young cyclists in the Pan-Massachusetts Challenge mission – raising money for cancer research and treatment at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute through its Jimmy Fund. In 2008, 26 PMC Kids Rides attracted nearly 5,000 young cyclists, raising an impressive $728,000.


Children are encouraged to raise as much money for cancer research as possible by requesting contributions from family members, friends, and neighbors. Young cyclists are often funded for each mile they ride, or for the total distance of the route. Some PMC Kids Rides suggest a minimum fundraising contribution in order to participate.  A mandatory $10 registration fee is collected from each participant.


Here are some creative tips for kids to fundraise for the PMC Kids Rides, courtesy of the PMC Kids Ride web page:

  • Host a yard sale
  • Bake some treats and have a neighborhood bake sale
  • Run a lemonade stand
  • Hold a car wash
  • Write a personal letter to send to friends, family, and neighbors. Let them know what you are doing and why you are riding
  • Make giving easy – When writing your letters, include a credit card pledge form and a self-addressed stamped envelope
  • Take your letter to local businesses to see if they will sponsor your ride
  • Send an email to your friends and family letting them know how to donate to your ride online using eGifts
  • Remember to write a personal thank you note to all your sponsors
  • Set up a refreshment stand at your Youth Soccer Games, Little League Games, or other athletic event
  • Offer to do chores for neighbors, friends and family in exchange for a contribution to your ride
  • Babysit in exchange for a donation
  • Walk your neighbor’s dog for a contribution
  • Have your family put all their loose change into a donation jar
  • Involve your classmates and your teacher at school!  Caroline from Hingham in 2007 had a “hat day” with her classmates to raise money for the Kids Ride

Tell us your fundraising tips!

And, check out these national news stories on PMC Kids Rides.


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  1. Steven F

    A few years back, while going through an old Bicycling magazine, I found an ad for the Pan Mass. Challenge. It said, “You can be One in a Million. All it takes is an Arm or a Leg”.

    The 1989 ride was 8 years before my first of ten rides and a good 10 or so years before I ever experienced torrential downpours on the Saturday ride. However, no matter if the dollar amount was $1 million or $14 million (the amount we raised in 1997), the ultimate goal was still the same, a world without cancer.

    And to all of you 1989 riders, the one thing I learned is that you can only get so wet.

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