PMC in the News

Here are some of the recent news articles about the Pan-Massachusetts Challenge check presentation to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute on Saturday Dec. 5. What a great party!

The 30 year donation!

NECN was at the party and put together this great piece.

The Boston Globe focused on the donation to DFCI. Here’s an excerpt from writer Peter Schworm’s story.

That the challenge raised less this year may be a measure of both the recession’s depths and, some said, its own success after rapid growth in recent years.

In just the few years from 2006 and 2008, the challenge drew 1,000 more riders and raised $9 million more.

“Exceeding our goal in this economy is a tribute to the commitment of riders and donors,’’ Starr said, alluding to the lower $30 million goal set this year.

“They have shown remarkable fidelity to the cause.’’ “When you are Mt. Everest, climbing it every year becomes harder,’’ said Starr, a 58-year-old Wellesley resident who started the event after his mother, uncle, and cousin died of cancer.

Organizers said the roughly $5 million decline was expected, given the economy, and that many charities sustained far bigger drops. The $30.4 million raised this year is more than any other one-event athletic fund-raiser in the nation, and the third-largest amount raised in event history, organizers said.

Full story here. More from the Associated Press is here.

And here  are photos and coverage from


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