Share your story for PMC 2010

The Pan-Massachusetts Challenge publicity team promotes the ride all year long and needs your stories.

Tell us why you ride and who you ride for. Are you a cancer survivor? Does your entire family ride every year?

The goal is to generate media attention for the PMC and help riders boost their fundraising efforts. When people see stories about their neighbors in the media, they are much more likely to contribute financially to our cause.

And if you haven’t registered yet, sign up today!

The PMC Publicity Team is looking for stories from:

–          Cancer survivors who are riding

–          Families who ride together

–          Families that have signed up for the Sunday one-day family ride (including 13-year-olds)

–          Training groups / rides

–          Tweens and teens in the PMC

–          Women who ride the PMC (all ages) 

–          Weight loss stories, both male and female

–          Love connections and new best friends

–          AND any other personal anecdotes: why you joined the PMC, how cancer has affected your life, and how your life has changed because of the PMC, etc.

In addition to promoting your story though the media, we will post some stories here on the PMC blog. If you or your team has a blog, let us know and we’ll link your blog.

Please contact us with your story! Email


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