Vote for a fellow rider in the Pepsi Refresh Project

Check out this request from PMCer Greg Johnson. Help Greg and vote for him in the Pepsi Refresh Project.

I’m a six-year PMC rider, and father of two, who rides in memory of an uncle and great-uncle and in support of too many family and friends who have, or are currently, battling cancer. I am consistently impressed with the grit and determination of those who volunteer and support the PMC each year, those who ride and those who do the good work at DFCI. I am proud to include myself in your ranks.

I have submitted an application for a $5k grant to support my ride. But I need your help to win the sponsorship. Please vote online at every day this month. Please also spread the word by posting the link online, and/or forwarding to friends, family, co-workers and supporters who may be willing to help. We need to be in the Top 10 to be a recipient.

Thanks for your support and see you on the road in August!

Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson during the 2009 PMC


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One response to “Vote for a fellow rider in the Pepsi Refresh Project

  1. Greg Johnson

    Thanks to those who have voted! We’ve moved up 10 places in the ranking. Help keep the momentum going! Please vote EVERT DAY! We need to get into the Top 10 before the end of the month.

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