A little note of thanks

PMCer Bonnie Pohlig sent over this wonderful note: 

I wanted to share something that happened this AM.

I was at Children’s Hospital in Waltham with my daughter for a routine visit. When we returned to our car, there was a note on the door: “I saw your PMC magnet [decal on the back of the car] — as the parent of a child who benefited from $ raised during the PMC — THANK YOU!! My son will be in remission 2 years on 8/12.”

I just had to share. I tear up every time I read it!

My 4 year old wanted to know what it said, so I read it to her and explained that this is why I ride the ‘Big PMC’ and why she rides her bike in the ‘Kids PMC’ – to raise money to help children like this. “What’s remission?… Can I have a pretzel, please?”

OK. So I guess she can’t handle the whole story yet… Anyhow, you probably get notes like this all the time, but it’s a first for me. Have a great day!-Bonnie Pohlig

Thanks Bonnie for sharing! This is just another reminder about why we ride and raise money every year.


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