Bananas, Bagels and Beer: Food facts about the PMC

While the PMC couldn’t be more serious in its mission to raise crucial funds for cancer research at Dana-Farber, the event itself is a lot of fun.

The camaraderie shared by 5,100 cyclists, 3,100 volunteers, and thousands of supporters is among the PMC’s greatest attributes. 

But let’s be real, we know it’s actually the refueling stations that keep us pedaling 190 miles. Carb-loading foods and protein power help send cyclists up every hill.

All the food and drinks on PMC weekend are donated thanks to generous sponsors including Cape Cod Potato Chips, Harpoon Brewery, Stop & Shop and Whole Foods, among many others.

Volunteers unload cases of water

Here’s the deal on PMC weekend meals. PMCers consume:

19,000 bananas

Always plenty of bananas

14,000 bags of trail mix

9,800 hamburgers

7,000 Cliff bars

Lots of trail mix

6,800 slices of pizza

5,500 hotdogs

3,000 bagels

3,000 lbs of chicken

1,600 loaves of bread

1,400 lbs. of pasta

1,300 lbs. of peanut butter

500 lbs. of sliced turkey

500 lbs. of sliced ham

275 watermelons

160 kegs of beer

Ice cold beer hits the spot at the end of the ride


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