Pedal Partner Picnic

Situated 18 miles from the day one finish line at Mass Maritime Academy, the pedal partner picnic at the Lakeville water stop is a celebration for riders and young cancer patients and a way for them to connect along the ride.  Pedal Partners inspire PMC cyclists, propel their tired legs forward and remind them why they ride.

The PMC pedal partner program connects PMC cyclists with the very children for whom they ride and raise money. Pedal partners range in age from infants to teens. They wait with signs and a smile with their families to cheer on their designated PMC team.

For the children, being designated a pedal partner is an exciting experience, as they become part of a large group of people committed to helping fight cancer. PMC cyclists offer friendship and support to the children and their families, in turn becoming extended family.

This year’s Pedal Partner picnic was Disney themed and the princess costumes and mouse ears were everywhere. More than 17 pedal partners connected with teams this afternoon.

Among those matches was NECN pedal partner Ethan Rossi. The young kindergartner is now five years post a bone marrow transplant and is living cancer free. Ethan received hugs from Jenny Johnson, host of TV Diner and Danielle Niles, Good Morning Live meteorologist.

Ashley Cashell, 5, met up with her team Blood Sweat Tears and Gears. Ashley was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia in 2008. She cheered on cyclists wearing her pink princess dress with matching glitter ballet slippers and crown.

Team Lindsey cyclist, Dennis Tulimieri, was greeted by the teams namesake, Lindsey Kimball, now a healthy 15-year-old girl. At the young age of seven, Lindsey was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. She underwent two years of chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant that ultimately saved her life. She will cycle 50 miles alongside Team Lindsey tomorrow in the one day Wellesley to Wellesley loop.

Such a remarkable and inspiring afternoon! Ride on PMC cyclists.

See you in Bourne.



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2 responses to “Pedal Partner Picnic

  1. You guys are wonderful riding for the cause of helping kids.Pedal partners, including my family are people committed to helping fight cancer.
    thanks for your post.

  2. Thanks for the article. Keep up the fight.

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