PMC fundraising goes virtual

The Pan-Massachusetts Challenge is successful year after year because of the continued support and dedication of riders, volunteers and sponsors to raise more, give more and do more each year.

Fundraising is a vital part of the PMC event. The 5,000 PMC cyclists fundraising methods vary widely, from corporate galas to bake sales. PMCers do it all to raise millions.

Third-year rider Doug Haslam offers a neat look at his fundraising methods on his blog. Doug writes:

My use of social networks to raise money in the first place was born from the fact that hundreds of people from my home city, Newton, MA, ride the PMC. I knew I couldn’t count on neighbors alone to raise the minimum amount. Plus, my work as it related to social media meant that I should experiment as much as possible to see what works.

In just three years time, Doug nearly tripled his PMC fundraising, all thanks to social media networking. Check out his charts on how social media and video blogging earned him heavy hitter status.

Kudos to Doug and to all our PMCers! See you Nov. 12 at the 31st annual PMC Check Presentation.


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