Where has your PMC jersey been?

PMCers are an exciting and adventurous breed. Throughout the year, we hear stories about them traveling to far corners of the earth. Whether biking, hiking, or sleeping on the beach, PMCers often rock their PMC jerseys for good luck, comfort, or because they are just so stylin’.

Send us a photo of yourself rocking a PMC jersey while on vacation and we’ll post it to the PMC’s blog. The more inventive the destination, the better, but we want to see it all.

Send your high resolution, JPEG photos by email to andrea@teakmedia.com. Please include the photo location, date photo was taken, full names of people pictured from left to right, a short description about your trip, your phone number, and email address.

Most importantly, tell us why you are wearing a PMC jersey in the photo.

Hamilton Mehlman sent us this photo from his hike up Manaslu Mountain in Nepal:

Hamilton Mehlman

Just off his bike after riding in his 12th PMC, Hamilton Mehlman, of Manchester, Mass., took his riding jersey nearly 8,000 miles across the world on a hiking trip in Nepal.

Mehlman trekked 20,000 of the 26,759-foot Manaslu Mountain, the eighth highest peak in the world. Mehlman climbed through temperatures that ranged from 5 to 95 degrees, and on varied terrains from dirt paths to a glacier. While the experience was something he enjoyed and would do all over again, he says it’s not for everyone.

 “If you enjoy spending a month hiking for hours at a time in the rain, putting on wet clothes every day, going to the bathroom outside and eating terrible food, then this experience is for you,” he jokes.

This was his third time climbing a major mountain. Of course, wearing his PMC jersey brought him good luck and cheer as he braved the climate. Mehlman, a self-employed investment manager, has spent a better part of his life investing in healthcare and research to advance medical care. To date, Mehlman has raised more than $47,000 for the PMC.


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