PMC jerseys transformed into PMC quilt

A Michigan business owner stumbled across a 2008 PMC jersey on ebay last year and bought a couple for herself and her husband to wear while riding their tandem bike.

Longtime PMC volunteer David Rabinovitz, who put the extra jerseys up for sale, reached out to the woman to say thanks and find out her connection to the PMC. Rabinovitz and Andrea Funk started emailing and he discovered that Funk was the owner of Too Cool T-Shirts Quilts, a small company that makes quilts out of t-shirts.

After talking, Funk offered to make a quilt out of PMC jerseys.

Rabinovitz, who helps to make sure all of the excess materials (food and clothing) from PMC weekend are not wasted, shipped a box of old jerseys, volunteer t-shirts and other PMC clothes to Funk.

Funk turned the jersey into a beautiful, colorful quilt.

PMC quilt

The quilt will be auctioned off to benefit the 2011 PMC. More details to come.

Funk made the quilt at no charge to the PMC. She said it took about 10 hours to complete.

Her company employs 10 people and makes 800 quilts a year. She’ll make them from anything – college sorority T’s, bike shorts, sweatshirts. Funk started making the quilts in 1992, after her sister, a triathlete, handed her a pile of race shirts and said make a quilt. She brought the business online in 2003 and has been going strong ever since.

“I had never heard of the PMC,” Funk said. “But, my husband and I do a ride every year and we’re looking at coming toMassachusettsto do the PMC next summer.”

Funk said she tries to make a handful of quilts per year for charities to auction or raffle off. In a few weeks, she’s going to receive another box of 2011 shirts and jerseys to begin work on her next PMC quilt.

“The bike jerseys are coolest quilts to make,” she said. “It’s got pockets and zippers. They feel great. They’re fun to make.”

Learn more about Funk and Too Cool T-shirt Quilts on their website.

Too Cool T Shirt Quilts



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