Bike, Eat, Drink, and Sleep with DuVine Adventures and the PMC

Are you dreaming of bike season and warmer weather? Can’t wait for the 2012 Pan-Massachusetts Challenge weekend?

DuVine Adventures, a PMC sponsor, is inviting PMCers to hit the road in May for a unique PMC-themed bike trip lead by PMC Founder Billy Starr.

Bike tour company DuVine Adventures creates amazing excursions across the globe where world travelers “bike, eat, drink, sleep,” according to their motto.

Company founder Andy Levine has been a PMC cyclist for the past three years. In 2012, DuVine became an official PMC sponsor and will donate a portion of all proceeds to the PMC fundraising goal while also raising money through the company’s own PMC team.

Billy Starr and Andy Levine

“We have found adventure, friendship and inspiration through biking around the world,” Levine said. “The PMC has also made biking a vehicle for change in the fight against cancer. It is a natural for us to partner with an organization like the PMC that is doing so much good through biking, which we love to do. We also want to honor all of our colleagues, friends and family members impacted by cancer.”

To get into the PMC spirit this spring, DuVine is hosting the PMC Piedmont Bike Tour a week-long excursion inItaly’s northwest region. PMCers can receive a 12 percent discount and all net proceeds from this tour will be donated to the PMC.

Here’s how DuVine describes the adventure:

Wide open panoramas await you, with breathtaking views of the vineyards and medieval villages off to the distantAlps. Grapes flourish in the rugged soil and we will taste the area’s premier vintages at private tastings and with each meal. Discover the local hospitality in ancient towns, savor Michelin-starred meals and traditional dishes in family homes. You are guaranteed to feel like a native and never want to leave this corner ofItaly. Join the team of 24, train for the PMC and experience DuVine Style on a bike.

For more info or to learn more about DuVine Adventures, click here.



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3 responses to “Bike, Eat, Drink, and Sleep with DuVine Adventures and the PMC

  1. In my dreams! What an awesome cycling/culinary/touring adventure!!

  2. Do they need a waterstop coordinator ????

    Jainey Holland Waterstop 5 Lakeville 20 year site coordinator

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