Confidence Beads designs limited edition PMC 2012 bead

PMC participants can raise money for their ride through the purchase of the new PMC 2012 bead, which generates a 20 percent donation to an individual or team ride.

This limited edition bead was designed to match the 2012 rider jerseys. The PMC bead is designed by locally-based company Confidence Beads™.  It is inscribed in sterling silver on both sides with PMC 2012, a keepsake to celebrate the accomplishment of any rider, volunteer or supporter.

The idea was introduced by Loretta Brightman, whose involvement with the PMC dates back 25 years, when her husband Tim first completed the ride. Tim has ridden every year in honor of his brother, Steve, who died of melanoma at the age of 35. The Brightmans are part of team PHAT Tuesday.

“We really are a PMC family, our kids have grown up with the PMC,” said Brightman, adding that their daughter Elyse is a 10-year PMC volunteer, their son Stephen will ride this year in his first PMC, and Tim’s brother Mark will make this his 20th PMC ride. For the Brightman Family, this is a truly inspired, multi-generational lifestyle.

Brightman urged her friend Linda Waters, creator of Confidence Beads, to create a PMC bead.

“It’s a neat way to show you were involved in the event as a rider, volunteer or supporter,” Brightman said.

Waters founded Confidence Beads in 2009. The beads are designed with inspirational messages to empower and inspire women. Each one has a different message and all have an underlying mission to raise both awareness and funds for non-profit partners.

From “fearless,” to “fabulous,” to “rock star,” the phrases engraved into Confidence Beads remind wearers of their positive attributes. Waters has partnered with several non-profits on specialty beads and donates a portion of all sales to charity.

Waters partnered with the Boston Bruins Foundation in 2011 to design a black and goal B’s Believe bead, which has raised more than $9,000 for the B’s Foundation.

Waters and her family have participated in the Franklin Kids PMC since its inception and have long supported friends who ride in the PMC.

“The passion that PMCers have for their cause is so inspiring; you can feel it in the air when you’re around them,” Waters said. “There is a special kind of community that the PMC participants create and we’re honored to be a part of it.”

The PMC Bead costs $40 and can be purchased by clicking here. The PMC bead fits on all of today’s popular bracelets and accessories. It can also be purchased with a silver bangle bracelet.

Or with a sporty “cable” necklace in royal blue, lime green or white.

When purchasing from the website, buyers should be sure to include their PMC Rider ID and/ or Team ID number in the online checkout, ensuring that the donation goes directly to that individual’s fundraising account.


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2 responses to “Confidence Beads designs limited edition PMC 2012 bead

  1. Meg

    These are just beautiful!

  2. confidence, the perfect gift for someone battling cancer !

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