Feeding PMCers’ Hunger and Motivation

With 5,500 cyclists pedaling hard to support adult and pediatric cancer research and patient care at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, the PMC is supported by more than 3,000 volunteers that help to supply the resources to fuel their ride. How much does it actually take to fuel 5,500 riders for two days and up to 190 miles? Well…

19,000 bananas
14,000 bags of trail mix
9,800 hamburgers
7,000 cliff bars
6,800 slices of pizza
5,500 hot dogs
3,000 bagels
3,000 pounds of chicken
1,600 loaves of bread
1,400 pounds of pasta
1,300 pounds of peanut butter
500 pounds sliced turkey
500 pounds sliced ham
275 watermelons
and, 160 kegs of Harpoon beer.

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3 responses to “Feeding PMCers’ Hunger and Motivation

  1. And one DuVine lunch!

  2. And let’s be sure to again, served by 3,000 AMAZING volunteers!

  3. Totally agree Larry! But, the most amazing thing is that the tons of fruit is all ripe and ready to eat. Not just at one water stop, but at each and every one for the 20 PMC’s I have done. Job well done by all!

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