A keepsake for PMC cyclists, volunteers and supporters

PMC cyclists, volunteers, and supporters can still help raise money for the PMC by wearing their support on their wrists. With the limited edition PMC bead, specially designed by Confidence Beads™ to match the 2012 PMC jerseys, PMC supporters can continue to help raise money for cancer research and treatment at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Through Oct. 1, Confidence Beads™ will donate 20 percent of your purchase to a rider or PMC team of your choice.

The PMC bead is made of royal blue, lime green and silver Murano glass and is inscribed with “PMC 2012” on both sides in sterling silver. The PMC bead costs $40 and will fit on any of today’s popular bracelets and accessories. When purchasing from the Confidence Beads™ website, buyers can include a PMC Rider ID number at checkout to ensure that their donation will go directly to that individual’s or team’s fundraising efforts. And don’t miss the bracelets made of bike spokes!

The PMC beads and bracelets are a great way to celebrate your accomplishment, thank your sponsors, or recognize and honor someone’s PMC achievement. In case you missed them in Wellesley and Sturbridge, you can go to http://www.confidencebeads.com/pmc.html to order your keepsake today!

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